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Barett Christensen (Personal Blog)
Website: www.agoodcadence.blogspot.com (Personal Blog)
www.ldsphilanthropies.org (Corporate Blog)
Linked In: Barett Christensen
Facebook: Barett Christensen (Personal)

Braden Bell (Author)
Twitter: @bradenbellcom
LinkedIn: Braden Bell
Facebook: Braden Bell (Personal)
Braden Bell (Author page) 

Deila Broberg Taylor (Independent Writer)
www.mormonhomeschool.org (Deila's homeschooling blog)
Twitter: @deilat
Facebook: Deila Broberg Taylor (Personal)
Pinterest: Deila

Heidi Allen Garvin (Director)

Heidi Allen Garvin grew up in Orem, Utah, 4th of 8 children.  Her father taught in the Engineering Dept. at BYU and her mother was home with the family.  Faith, Music, Service, and Technology were important in the home.  She is the founder of several aggregate lists including Mormon Moms, LDS Power Bloggers, Women of Light and Utah Valley Homeschooling.  Her greatest desire is to serve the Lord and do as He'd have her do. 

Websites:  Mormon Moms, Simply Mormon, All About Preparedness
Twitter: @mormonmomsblog, @allaboutprepare
Facebook: Mormon Moms Who Blog, Mormon Women of Light
Pinterest:  Mormon Moms

Heidi Ashworth (Writer & Home Decor Store Owner)
Websites:  www.heidiashworth.com (for Heidi's published novels)
www.heidiashworth.blogspot.com (personal blog)
www.dunhavenplace.blogspot.com (Heidi's vintage decor store)
Facebook: Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind
Miss Delacourt Has Her Day
Dunhaven Place

Karyn Tripp (LDS Blogger: Homeschooling and Cooking)
Websites:  www.teachbesideme.blogspot.com (Karyn's homeschooling blog)
www.cookingwithkaryn.blogspot.com (Karyn's cooking blog)
Twitter:  @Teachbesideme
LinkedIn:  Karyn Tripp
Facebook:  Teach Beside Me

Larry Richman (Author, social media strategist & online content marketing)
Websites: www.LDSMediaTalk.com
Twitter: @RichmanLarry
Facebook: LDS Media Talk
Larry Richman (personal page)
Google+Larry Richman
About.me: Larry Richman
Pinterest: RichmanLarry

Sarah Baker (LDS Blogger: Daily Spiritual Thoughts & Print Designer)
Websites:   www.spirituallythinking.blogspot.com (Sarah's daily spiritual thoughts blog)
www.sprinkledjoy.blogspot.com (Sarah's prints blog)
http://www.etsy.com/shop/SprinkledJoy (Sarah's online prints & printables store)
LinkedIn:  Sarah Baker
Facebook: ...and Spiritually Speaking
Sprinkled Joy
Pinterest:  englishsarah

Trina Christensen (Online Craft Store Owner)
Twitter: @Latterdaycraft
LinkedIn: Trina Christensen

Vickey Pahnke Taylor (Founder of Goodness Matters; Teacher for CES Youth & Family Programs)
Website: www.goodnessmatters.com
Facebook: Goodness Matters
Twitter: @goodnessmatters
Pinterest: goodnessmatters
LinkedInVickey Pahnke Taylor or Goodness Matters


Would you like to JOIN US?  Are you like-minded in wanting to use your gifts and talents on your site and to help build up the Kingdom of God on earth?  (looking for Strong LDS people - with consecrated hearts - whose sites are appropriate with LDS standards and mission)

Our purpose is two-fold:
1.  Connect - strength in numbers and linking (help build each others' viewership etc.)
2.  Do good things for good reasons  -  (humanitarian, philanthropies, LDS church)

Alan and Suzanne Osmond - The Family

Amy Marshall - How To Be Superwoman

Ani Allen- A A Dreams Blog

Cindy - Apron Strings

Dale Bartlett - Humanitarian Travel

David Bradford - HireVue, Fusion IO

Kathryn Skaggs - A Well-Behaved Mormon Woman

Marie Leslie - Marie Leslie Media

Nikki Morgan - Mormon Mama

Paul Allen - On-line Marketing

Roberta Underhill - Inspired Creating


  1. I'm interested... what information do you need?


  2. Karyn Tripp

  3. Wonderful to you both! I've added you to this page. Please join us on http://www.facebook.com/groups/189028951210934/ for more information and how you can be part of the co-op!

  4. Amy Marshall http://howtobesuperwoman.blogspot.com/

  5. Thanks, Amy. Join our Facebook group "LDS Power Bloggers" for information on what we're building.
    Check out the 'TEAM' tab above - for lists of what is needed in this co-op. Let us know how you'd be willing to pitch-in.
    We'll add your link - temporarily - but...make sure to send your full profile information to Sarah Baker (more info. on FB)

    Thanks much!
    Heidi G.

  6. I'd like to get the word out about a free missionary service my company has started (www.missionarygift.com).

    Basically, we help ease the financial burden for new missionaries by allowing ward members, friends, family, etc. contribute as little as $5 towards a gift to the newly called missionary. We aggregate the contributions and transfer the funds onto a gift card for the missionary so they can buy exactly what they need. It’s a FREE service too (we get a commission from the gift card company).

    I'd appreciate any suggestions/insights from the group how best to share this service with the LDS community!


    Jim B.

  7. Marcie @ www.IGottaTryThat.com
    I am following you on GFC and Google+. I would love for you to visit and maybe follow back.


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