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If you'd like to be added to this site - be aware of what we're looking for:
1.  Strong LDS
2.  Moral Website, Blog
3.  Virtuous Intentions with all you're doing
4.  Represent the church well
5.  Willing to contribute to this site (author, add links, add content, answer email etc.)
6.  Win-win situation - with this site being the HUB to bring strong LDS bloggers together
7.  Join our Facebook page to connect and contribute and seen by others'

 If this is still of interest to you - we'd love to have you join with us.
 Please GRAB our button for your site FIRST and then, contact us below:

- Heidi, Director
Let us know how you'd like to help.

Thanks much!!!  We have a lot of good things in store!

This is a brand new site so thank you for your patience as we get things underway.


  1. Hello, I'd be happy to write something or help in any other way. Let me know what you need and/or are looking for.


  2. Hi! I want to be involved too! What can I do?

  3. PS, Maybe I could do something on Twitter also?

  4. Hi....I put a button on my blog....what's the next step? Or is that it?

  5. Sounds interesting. I'd like to know more.

  6. Hello Heather and Sue -
    Join the FB group. It's the best place to keep connected.
    This site started out strong but.....we haven't been able to keep it up as desired. Sorry about that. Just too many irons in the fire. :)


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