Help Little 4 Yr. Old Girl - Get New Heart

Tender request written by her mother:

Kylie Christine Taylor born 9/2/08 -was born with a rare congenital heart defect called Hypo Plastic Left Heart syndrome (HLHS).  This diseased could be summarized by "half a heart"; however, we know how big her heart really is.  When she was pre-diagnosed at 20 weeks, we were told Kylie's heart defect was fatal unless there was some kind of intervention. We were given 3 options, comfort care (basically do nothing but bring her home and she would pass away a couple days later). Heart transplant (but most infants die due to heart defects), or a series of 3 open heart surgeries. We elected for the latter and she overcame and survived.  READ FULL ARTICLE HERE:      Watch Video Here

Please share this via social media channels.  We are all our brothers' keeper.  Thanks for your help.

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