Ten Blogging Tips

When I first started blogging, I was apprehensive about having my thoughts out there on the internet. It's not like the old days of letters, where only one exists. Then I realized that no one reads your blog when you first start blogging. Now, a couple of years later I have some tips to share, that at this time are working for me. But of course things change.

1.  Keep it short, or break it up into smaller posts. At first, most of your readers are bloggers and they don't have much time to read, but they usually want to visit your blog and leave a comment in hopes you will do the same. Less is more.

2.  Turn off the "word verification" in the comments section. This really turns people off, it takes too long to figure out those word verifications. Have seen them lately? If you're worried, use comment moderation, but I don't use that either, people like to see their comment up. Have it sent to your email, and if needed, you can delete in your blog.

3.  Use photos -- it's a visual world. Use your own or those that have no copyright or they have "CC" (Creative Commons). Sometimes it will say that you must give attribution. If so, do so. I like Wikimedia Commons. Really, I would love a new camera, or maybe the new iphone.

4.  Give credit where credit is due. If you get an idea while reading someone's blog post, or an article, mention that in yours and link back to the original author.

5.  Write off-line using an application such as MarsEdit (for Mac) or LiveWriter (for PC). I have used MacJournal  for several years now. This program allows me to write off-line and upload directly to my blog. I am now giving MarsEdit a try.

6.  Link within your own blog to previous posts you have written. When mentioning something that you have written about, link to it.

7. Use Zemantaa blogging tool that works along side your post window. It helps you add a list of related articles (that you have written or others) at the end of each post. They also offer photos, but I find that they are usually too small for my taste. It also offers in-text links that are easily added. Be sure to set up your preferences and add your own blog sites. (You'll see links to other bloggers, some anti-Mormon -- sometimes I take a look, leave a nice comment, but do not link to it.) Once you start using it, your posts will be available to link. Go to the site to sign up, it's free. See at the bottom of this post "Related Articles" -- those are the kind of things you can do.

8.  Edit. In fact, I sometimes have my husband edit a post. Look back over your writing and get rid of wordiness. I do this on older posts and see things that just don't work.

9.  Find your own voice. Blogging is like a conversation, hence the reason for comments. Write as if you are talking with a good friend. Don't copy someone's voice, find yours.

10.  Use social media, even if you aren't that social. That part is hard for me, but I have tried to get over it. Yea, I would never make money in a multi-level marketing business, I hate to push products on my friends. But with blogging you have to do some promoting. Get a twitter, facebook, Google Plus, and Pinterest. And use them. I don't do much on facebook but my posts go there instantly, using networked blogs. 

So, let me know what blogging tips you have found helpful -- or not too helpful.

Deila Taylor


  1. Excellent advice, Deila. My Dad read one of my long posts years ago and said "keep it short". So, I've tried to do that. Once in a while a long message is needed. But, mostly, short is better.

    Great wisdom on your other points! Those are very helpful for those getting started as well as long-timers! Thanks for the reminders!

  2. Thanks Deila! I am new to this so all advice to good for me :) It is nice to meet you :)

  3. It is undeniable that blogging is one of the most conversational and diary-type form of writing. This may seem like a piece of cake, but these tips will surely make your blog efficient and a must-read. Yes, it's basically applying the right formula, which is comprised of good content and appealing aesthetics.

    -Kevin Beamer


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