Welcome to our new site.  It's currently in blog format but we've purchased the domain name and are asking for help from any and all who desire to participate.

We'll need all things related to social media:
1.  web designer/builder
2.  grab button (to be place on your blog/website)  "LDS Power Blogger"
3.  FB group - new people to be added  -
4.  Twitter account - design, manage, update, link to everyone else
5.  Linked In
6.  Ads (managing).  Currently we'll allow only ads that are those of bloggers who are participating and helping to build site.
7.  Marketing, Press Releases etc.
8.  Tabs on our site; for LDS businesses, products, bloggers, websites etc?
9.  Google+
10.  CEO?

What else?
Your input and expertise is sought.

My expertise is in 'connecting' people.  :)  Now that I've done that - I hope that we can draw upon the expertise that you all have.


Heidi Garvin -
or....leave a comment below.

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  1. Hello!

    I've been a professional author for over a decade but only recently started my own LDS blog. I have a lot of experience in blogging, web content writing and social media management (although I still can't stand using Twitter!).

    Anyway, feel free to check out my site ( or shoot me an email ( I have already requested to join the Facebook group. :)

    Thanks for starting this! I look forward to participating.

    1. Thank you, Nicole, your SEO expertise will be very helpful. Perhaps you can help us find some great articles on LDS bloggers - that we can link to. Building up content on this site will be KEY for our success.
      The more excellent content, links, resources etc. we can post - the greater will be our 'indexing' on google and ....people will find us as they are searching for things. Is this something you'd be interested in helping with? content?

    2. Hi Nikki,

      Would you be interested to help write blogs/content for a few of our LDS properties? This would be a paid opportunity as we need help writing a lot of content for several different project.

      Please let me know if you're interested and send me a private message if you are.


      Contact me at:

  2. How fun. I would love to participate and help out in any area that you need help.

    My blog is ( My email address is

    I'm looking forward to this wonderful addition to my blog roll, especially since the women will be such Kindred's and share the LDS bond. I also have requested to join the FB page.


    1. Thank you, Roberta! We're grateful to have you! I'll try to get your blog added to the list today - soon as we get the grab button done - would appreciate if you'd add it to your site!

  3. Sounds Amazing!!! Let me know if their is anything I can help with. I can create the grab button or design the top banner. Also looking forward to the development this awesome blog will have with the LDS Blogging community.
    Thanks. Ani

    1. Thank you, Ani! You're GREAT!!! I tried your hotmail address but came back. I tried again with the 'n' and ...we'll see if you get that one.
      Yes, we'd love your help on a header. We're seeking 'professional, neutral colors, dk blue,brown, white, simple, etc.
      We have one other gal who offered but isn't available until next week. If you want to take a stab at it - then, we'll have a few different ones to choose from. Thanks, so much, for your willingness to pitch in! This is a great community to be in - thanks to people like you!

  4. Yes! I Would Love to Participate! I would be more than happy to help out where I can. I am on Linked In maybe that is where I can help...
    Thanks, Trina

    1. That would be GREAT, Trina. Would you be able/willing/interested in starting a group on LinkedIn called "LDS Power Bloggers"? Or....perhaps visiting the LDS Social Media group on LinkedIn and sharing with them what we're doing on here? That would be GREAT!!! Thank you!

    2. I would be glad to start working on this! I will see what I can get done today. I will keep you posted :) Thanks Is it ok if I copy and Paste the info??

  5. I found out about you through Latter-day Crafters, see comment above, I think I'm already listed on your Mormon Moms Who Blog site, I currently have about 110,000 page views a month, it's a daily thoughts blog (...and spiritually speaking) with free printables etc., good deals, and a Tuesday Tell All segment each week, I also have one called that I sell LDS/christian/family themed printables through.

    Let me know how I can help, it sounds like a great idea, I think I could help out in several areas. I've requested a Facebook invite, I also have a Facebook page called: which has abut 10,000 followers (which is very shocking to me!:). Good luck and looking forward to hearing from you:)

    Sarah Baker


    Facebook pages:

    Email: or

    PS - I have found Pinterest invaluable in getting the word out about my blog... maybe you could utilize their site too?

    1. Sarah Baker, You are WONDERFUL! How thrilling; your viewership. You have done some GREAT things! We'd love and appreciate anything you could do for us when we get the site up! I'll add your sites to LDS Power Bloggers and....hope that you'll get this message. :)
      Would you be willing to FB post about this group - to see if other's might be interested in participating? What else would you feel to do?
      Thanks so much!

  6. Hi Heidi,

    I'd love to learn more about this group and what your intention behind it.What is the purpose and what is your vision? I'm LDS and a business owner. I'm a blogger and a mother.

    Let's talk.


  7. You're all amazing! Thank you for being willing to contribute! I see this as a co-op of sorts; where we all pitch in to make this successful. We're all running our own sites and most of us are plenty busy. But....I felt we needed a place to connect and build each others' sites - as well as our online presence for the church and those in the world who are looking for good things.

    I've run "Mormon Moms Who Blog' for about 7 yrs. In that time I've had certain people seek me out to see how we can connect for even greater good. It seems to me that many are successful in our own sites but that working-together we can accomplish even more and ....perhaps even do some good for the church and some humanitarian outreaches etc.

    We're in the process of getting this site built. At that point - we can each place the new grab button on our sites. As you know, the power in social media are the connections. With the strengths that each of us have - we can build our online presence even greater.

    Some of you are familiar with "The More Good Foundation". Started about 8 yrs. ago by David Neeleman of Jet Blue Airways.
    At that time - almost all google searches about the church came up negative. People around the world were searching for topics but...getting wrong information. "The More Good Foundation" has done an amazing work these past years, with many volunteers. They now run over 400 blogs and websites - and are trying to publish correct information about the church and the people.

    They have asked us to all do what we can in that same regard. Research shows that our lives and examples and messages are often more important (at first) to people who are searching - than actual doctrinal websites.

    We can each make a difference and...working together we can do even more.

    This site is different than any of the others' I've done. In order to really do it well - we'll need lots of people to pitch-in and help. To me -- it's sort of like the early Co-ops in the church - where many gave what they could to help with a greater cause.

    In exchange for what you contribute - the site will grow and so will your readership. We're happy to post your sites as well as any 125x125 icons/ads you may have for your site.

    We know that some of you have much greater viewership than others'. If you are willing to help share this site - you will not only help others' strengthen all of their presence online - and bless more lives across the world.

    Does this help answer the questions?
    I'm happy to answer any more as I want this to be that kind of place.

    You can also join the FB page to share ideas.

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  9. I am interested in being part of the site as a writer. If interested, please let me know.
    Thank you.


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