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His Grace is Sufficient

Check out this BEAUTIFUL new site from Stan W.   
His whole mission is to bless and strengthen lives!   His Grace is Sufficient

His Grace is Sufficient

Blessed are the Peacemakers

These NEW Bible Videos are the LDS Church's GIFT to the WORLD.   They are Beautifully done with messages of faith, hope, and good works.  It is our desire that LDS Power Bloggers will share these messages on their separate sites - thereby increasing the amount of good that can be done in the world. 

WIN a FREE Music CD - featuring David Osmond "Arise and Shine"

Enter to WIN one of 6 FREE CD's from BYU's 2012 summer program EFY (Especially for Youth)!  

"Arise and Shine Forth"

Thanks to Your LDS Radio - for the CD's!!!!

Beautiful messages are from 12 different musicians and Title Song "Arise and Shine" by David Osmond - is particularly powerful and meaningful.

Drawing will be held on JULY 4th, 2012 - sure to register to WIN - soon!!!!

Get more info. on songs and programs:
BYU - EFY Youth Programs 
Positive Music and Downloads
Your LDS

Help Little 4 Yr. Old Girl - Get New Heart

Tender request written by her mother:

Kylie Christine Taylor born 9/2/08 -was born with a rare congenital heart defect called Hypo Plastic Left Heart syndrome (HLHS).  This diseased could be summarized by "half a heart"; however, we know how big her heart really is.  When she was pre-diagnosed at 20 weeks, we were told Kylie's heart defect was fatal unless there was some kind of intervention. We were given 3 options, comfort care (basically do nothing but bring her home and she would pass away a couple days later). Heart transplant (but most infants die due to heart defects), or a series of 3 open heart surgeries. We elected for the latter and she overcame and survived.  READ FULL ARTICLE HERE:      Watch Video Here

Please share this via social media channels.  We are all our brothers' keeper.  Thanks for your help.

LDS Bloggers and Businesses

This site is a co-op of strong LDS Businesses and Bloggers.  Our purpose is to connect some of the top online influences and work-together for the greater good of the whole.

We strive for high LDS standards of conduct, wholesome content, and helpful information.

Law of the Harvest
In the spirit of early church co-ops - we all pitch-in for the betterment of one another. 

We're compiling TEAMS (see tab above) to help in the several areas of Social Media; Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest etc.  We appreciate the expertise and volunteerism of all participants.

If you are a fit for this work - we invite you to join with us.  Please leave your comment below.

In exchange for your contribution - we are happy to place your ad/button on our site.  And...we ask you to link back to us.

Ten Blogging Tips

When I first started blogging, I was apprehensive about having my thoughts out there on the internet. It's not like the old days of letters, where only one exists. Then I realized that no one reads your blog when you first start blogging. Now, a couple of years later I have some tips to share, that at this time are working for me. But of course things change.

1.  Keep it short, or break it up into smaller posts. At first, most of your readers are bloggers and they don't have much time to read, but they usually want to visit your blog and leave a comment in hopes you will do the same. Less is more.

ARTICLES WANTED - LDS Businesses, Bloggers

We're seeking LOTS and LOTS of GREAT content for this site!

If you'd like to post an article and are already a member of our site (on Facebook)  - let us know either below this post - on above - under the tab called "TEAMS". 

In your post include a picture (so it can be pinned) as well as a link back to your site and/or to church sites.

Content can include blogging, SEO, running a business or home-based business, church service that applicable, social media, etc.

Teams Being Built

Look over our new tab for "TEAMS" and decide what part you'd like to play in the building of this site/community.  Leave a comment below that page - if you know where you can best help.

If you have something different to offer - please let us know.

As always - this is a co-op where all participate to help and....all benefit.

WEBSITE being built

Alison Moore Smith - is building our new website.  She's FABULOUS!

Until that time - join us on Facebook or leave us a comment below.

We're looking for individuals with strong LDS online presence as well as strong LDS standards and principles.  Joined together we can do much more good that all of us working alone.

This site is a co-op of sorts;  all pitch-in for the betterment of the whole.  Synergy!

"When mutual understanding and respect is present, the spirit of synergy inevitably starts to develop. Synergy is always exciting and tenuous because you are never quite sure what it’s going lead to. All you know is that it’s going to be better than before, better than what either party could come up with themselves."  Stephen R Covey

Blogging for GOOD - Sister Beck

This is a powerful message for all of us who are trying to share good things online as well as balance home and family life.

Thank you, Sister Beck, for teaching correct principles and 'standing for truth and righteousness'.


Thanks to Trina at Latter-day Crafters, we have a NEW LINKED-IN Page.  Join us there if you would please. 

This is growing.  It's just going to take some time to get it up and fully running.  Anything you are willing to do will be helpful and contribute to it's success.

This is a co-op of sorts - so....if we all contribute - we all benefit.


LDS Power Bloggers - Gather Together

This is a brand new site for LDS Power Bloggers; Bloggers who want to pull together to do more good.  We're asking a spirit of cooperation and all pitching-in to make this work.  If we each donate time - it will be much more effective than just a few of us doing lots of labor.

Thank you for all who have offered to participate so far.  We're getting a good start.

We'll keep you posted as to our progress.  In the meantime - help us find power bloggers who want to be added to this site.  Leave comments below. 


Welcome to our new site.  It's currently in blog format but we've purchased the domain name and are asking for help from any and all who desire to participate.

We'll need all things related to social media:
1.  web designer/builder
2.  grab button (to be place on your blog/website)  "LDS Power Blogger"
3.  FB group - new people to be added  -
4.  Twitter account - design, manage, update, link to everyone else
5.  Linked In
6.  Ads (managing).  Currently we'll allow only ads that are those of bloggers who are participating and helping to build site.
7.  Marketing, Press Releases etc.
8.  Tabs on our site; for LDS businesses, products, bloggers, websites etc?
9.  Google+
10.  CEO?

What else?
Your input and expertise is sought.

My expertise is in 'connecting' people.  :)  Now that I've done that - I hope that we can draw upon the expertise that you all have.


Heidi Garvin -
or....leave a comment below.

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